What Do Teenage Girls Think Of #Femvertising?

At Cannes Lions this year, Unilever CMO Keith Weed declared ‘the time is right for us as an industry to challenge and change how we portray gender in our advertising’. His message was backed up by the announcement of the FMCG giant’s UnStereotype initiative, and comes in the wake of a steady rise in empowering portrayals of women in ads. 

Brands like Always and Dove have been leading the charge in recent years, shifting their marketing efforts towards realistic representations of women and highlighting causes that champion gender equality.


The Summer of Sport is officially off to a great start, with the final of the European Championships fast approaching, Wimbledon in full swing, and the Rio Olympics just around the corner.

But if all that activity is a little bit much for you, why not take a load off, sit down, and enjoy the best five ads from the past week.