Spikes Asia: The Evolution of Data Driven Storytelling

Unruly and Brave Bison to run a joint workshop at Spikes Asia 2019, happening at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.

A jointly presented session from Unruly, the global video marketplace and Brave Bison, the social video studio, this workshop will demonstrate through a highly interactive and intuitive case study, the competitive advantage of multi-faceted data insights when developing a creative campaign that needs to deliver across multiple markets with many cultural complexities.

The workshop will take the audience through each stage of the process for social video success with live audience surveys, with resulting insights which you will use to understand how a piece of creative can be intelligently edited to ensure it lands perfectly with the intended audience.

Media agencies, creatives, and brands. Let us WOW you with a session that you’ve not had before and leave with an experience you will never forget. A full disclosure into how our unique partnership has been helping brands win customers in the very unforgiving and competitive social video advertising market.

Questions this session intends to answer:
– How we accurately test creative and apply these techniques to aid creative production, why it is so unique and why you should be using Unruly & Brave Bison.
– How it’s not wise to create content without accurate insights and testing as it can lead to costly mistakes and potential damage to brands
– How great data can inform creative teams without it affecting the quality of their work.
– How great data can help creative teams deliver even better outcomes than they could ever before

The workshop will be held on Wednesday 25 September, 11:30-13:00 in the Makers Lab.

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MarTech.18 is the leading annual Adformatie event that explores digital transformation, and looks at the tools and techniques that are available to marketers in the fields of digital marketing, e-commerce, CRM and analytics.

The event takes place on the 11th of December in the Netherlands and will be a platform for companies to showcase new technologies that seek to make organizations run faster and smarter. They’ll also explore how ‘the new marketer’ combines data, tech and innovation with creativity and intuition.

Our Futurist Elena Corchero will be speaking at 10:15 on the impact that the connected home will have on marketing. She will demonstrate how new technologies including AI, AR, voice and IoT within the home are starting to disrupt traditional marketing efforts, and what steps marketers need to take in order to leverage these new technologies.

With a background in product development and wearable tech, Elena is interested in the sociological impact of emerging tech, and how the internet of things is shaping the future of advertising.

With a Masters in Material Futures from London’s Central Saint Martins, Elena’s career began as a Researcher at MIT Media Lab. She has since carved out a busy career as a tech consultant, developing prototypes and concepts for the likes of the BBC, Diageo, Unilever, Audi, and the London Olympics.

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On 15th November our Associate Director of Strategic Sales Ella Gribben and VP of Insights Becky Waring will be talking at Mindshare’s Huddle 2018 along with the Visualogical team.

Huddle is a jam-packed event of intimate and no-holds-barred discussions about the future of media, and each year the event focusses on a different subject. This year the focus is on ‘The New Era of Influence’.

The session entitled ‘The Art of Science and Emotions’ will take participants on a journey that explores the different applications of emotional data and demonstrates how emotions provide the competitive edge in a brands media strategy, now and in the future.

From supercharging campaign effectiveness to creating visualisations of our subconscious, emotional data is the new secret sauce that marketers need to pay attention to.

Our expert panel will explore the different ways emotional data can be applied, and the art and science of emotions will be bought to life as the audience can test Unruly’s facial coding for themselves, or participate in Visualogical, and create a digital portrait of their subconscious!

The session will take place in area 62 at 12pm.

Check out the full agenda here.

At ATS London on 10 September, 2018, Ronan Shields, staff writer AdWeek, moderated a panel discussion on the mechanics of publisher monetisation.

He was joined by Karen Eccles, director of digital sales and innovation at The Telegraph; Damon Reeve, CEO, The Ozone Project; Jason Trout, EMEA MD, Unruly; and Jourdain Casale, VP of global intelligence at Index Exchange.

You can watch the full panel below which covers new marketplaces, PMPs versus programmatic and publisher monetization opportunities.

Check out Jason’s thoughts on the panel here.

ABTA’s Over 50s Holiday Market conference, is an annual conference which focuses on key trends, travel insights and innovations for the over 50s.

The event helps companies to discover the importance of segmenting the over 50s market, including new ideas for reaching and engaging the over 50s and the over 70s, and what channels to use. It also covers key product trends, the rise of domestic tourism and how overseas destinations are working to attract this market. There will also be a focus on trends such as adventure travel, multi-generational holidays and the solo traveller.

Unruly’s VP of Strategy Nicola Spooner will be joining the travel innovations panel session at 4:15, leading the debate with an introduction on the innovative ways to engage with the over 50s, how they respond to content, and what their motivations are. She’ll also be speaking about what innovations in products, marketing and customer service, brands within this space should be aware of.

The panel will be moderated by Victoria Bacon, Director of Brand and Business Development, ABTA. The other speakers are Jennie Carr, Creative and Communications Director at Silver Travel Advisor, and Dr Daisy Fan, Lecturer at Bournemouth University.

Check out the full agenda here.

Our EMEA Managing Director, Jason Trout, talks about his experience of being on the mechanics of publisher monetization panel at ATS London.

This week I was part of a panel at ATS London 2018, which was focused on the mechanics of publisher monetization. I was joined by the Digital Sales and Innovation Director for The Telegraph Karen Eccles, Damon Reeve from the Ozone Project and Jourdain Casale, VP of Global Intelligence at Index Exchange. 

It was a really interesting panel to be a part of. Especially as publisher monetization continues to be a key talking point within our industry, and a key focus area for us as a business. We began the discussion by talking about how publisher monetization strategies have changed over the past 12 months.

New marketplaces

At Unruly we have seen first hand how premium publishers are slowly pulling away from tackling their competition individually, to a more collective approach. This has led to alliances and JV’s such as Ozone, the Verified Marketplace and the Premium Sport Marketplace. These marketplaces are becoming more and more popular among advertisers and it’s easy to see why when you look at the stats. The Verified Marketplace’s UK reach alone is over 39.4 million, and the average viewability of ads is 78.6%, which is 15.1% higher than the MOAT benchmark.

The conversation then moved to the shift in focus from open market-places, to a more closed and controlled market, and whether this presents an opportunity for publishers to develop closer relationships with advertisers.

I’ve heard buyers say for several years now that they want to transition from managed to programmatic ad delivery. At Unruly we’ve seen this trend play out firsthand but we’ve also seen an increase from the buy-side requesting guarantees in their programmatic deals.

As new models mature, like Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), you will see closer relationships forged between programmatic buyers and publishers. I believe this is a natural progression as models like PG closely mirror that of traditional IO and direct-sold business, where both buyer and seller negotiate directly.

consuming news on an ipad

PMPs versus programmatic

We then moved on to look at the scalability challenges with PMPs versus programmatic and automated guaranteed, and how they could be overcome. In my opinion, PMPs in their current guise will continue to offer both buyers and sellers an environment away from the open exchange to practice control. That said, we are seeing a growing trend from buyers to secure guarantees in their PMPs. This has resulted in the increase of programmatic guaranteed features we are seeing released from both buy and sell-side vendors.

When we talk about scale, traditional PMPs have always struggled to meet this requirement as there has never been a commitment from publishers to send volumes. At the same time, buyers have lacked commitments to spend. Programmatic guaranteed is evolving at exactly the right point in time. We know the holding costs are under immense pressure to become 100% programmatic and at Unruly, we believe PG sits at the intersection of the IO and legacy PMP. We expect it to be the catalyst to increased spends in programmatic this year.

Publisher monetization opportunities

Finally we touched upon new monetization opportunities, and what the tech layer is doing to help and support publishers with this. I believe we need to first understand the value of a publisher buying, rather than licensing. In some scenarios M&A is the logical path, that said, very few of the publishers I have spoken to actually have the appetite to start spending hundreds of millions on tech and data assets when they are fully aware that in the age of GDPR and social networks it is data, context, and service that help you to truly differentiate, not ad or martech ownership.

To find out more about the Verified Marketplace and our other offerings check out our products page. Alternatively get in touch with one of our team.

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Unruly insights from ATS London

Guests were left with plenty to chew on at a breakfast event held at our London HQ yesterday to mark the launch of Unruly CEO Sarah Wood’s breakthrough leadership manifesto, Stepping Up.

To celebrate the release of the new book we hosted a kick-ass panel on leadership, featuring Professor Caroline WiertzChristina Scott, CTO of News UK, Deirdre McGlashan, Chief Digital Officer at MediaCom,  Johnny Hammond, Global Marketing Director at Unilever Foundry, and Sherry Coutu CBE.