11 Vine Predictions For 2015 From World’s Top Vine Creators

Vine turns two this weekend. The short form video app certainly has a lot to celebrate during its short life. Millions of users and already one of the first platforms to be included in marketing plans, there’s no doubt that Vine is one of the most exciting and disruptive developments to happen to the online video landscape in recent years.

In fact, Vine recently announced that in the past 10 months alone, there have been over 347 billion loops. But what does the future hold for the six-second sensation?

We spoke to the top Vine creators on the planet to ask them for their Vine predictions for the next 12 months:


The Unruly Vine interview series has become the go-to place for marketers looking to make the most of the hugely popular micro-media video platform. It’s also a chance to learn a little bit more about the people behind the most famous branded Vines on the web.   

This week we caught up with stop-motion supremo Dylan Blau. We were lucky enough to meet Dylan at Social Media Week London, where he had been commissioned by Microsoft to run a Vine creation station with fellow pro Viner, Yves Das.

After a busy Halloween content schedule, I caught back up with Dylan to pick his brains about Vine.

Here’s what Dylan had to say: