5 Super Bowl 2018 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every month Unruly scours the corners of the web for the funniest, saddest and weirdest ads around – then we put them into a handy list so you can catch up before the weekend.

This month’s batch includes the first wave of highly-anticipated Super Bowl ads – including spots from Groupon, Doritos and more. Elsewhere in the list, we’ve got Pringles kicking off Super Bowl ad season with SNL legend Bill Hader, closely followed by Febreze.


Well, ladies and gentlemen – the wait is almost over. Tomorrow night someone will be taking home the Film Lions Grand Prix – arguably Cannes Lions’ most prestigious award.

The battle has been fierce, but before the big night, we thought we’d run down some of the ads we think may walk away with the big prize from the shortlist of campaigns.


The most anticipated event of AdLand has come and gone.  Aside from a few standout ads, Super Bowl 50 was advertising “light.”

Sharing of the top 10 ads was down 36% compared to last year. The Super Bowl was low-scoring on the field, and the creative standard was generally low-scoring as well.


Budweiser’s three-year dominance ends as shares of top 10 down by more than a third.

Doritos “Ultrasound’ is the most shared ad of Super Bowl 2016, according to data supplied today by video ad tech company Unruly.

The ad, which features a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound while her husband munches on a bag of Doritos, attracted a total of 893,465 shares, putting it way ahead of the extended version of T-Mobile’s “Restricted Bling”, in second spot (346,854 shares).  


After a week watching the best (and worst) video ads on the web, we’ve picked the five essential ones for you to watch. 

In this week’s round-up we have a sensational entry from Pokemon that is sure to have any 90s kids feeling nostalgic, a parody of one of femvertising’s most powerful campaigns and some familiar situations from holidaying in tourist hotspots. So without further ado, here is our weekly round-up of the five ads you should watch right now.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Ah, the joy of six. There’s no doubt that Vine is leading the way in short-form content and becoming an essential part in brands’ content strategies.

However, it’s not always easy to stand apart from the competition. So if you were wondering which advertisers are coming out on top, we’ve got you covered.


Brands are increasingly recognizing the influence of short-form video as a way to attract and engage an audience online. If you were wondering which advertisers are coming out on top in the attention battle for bite-sized consumer attention, we’ve got you covered. 

With just 6-seconds to impress, creativity is key and we’ve rounded up this week’s 6 best branded Vines to share a little inspiration.

This week we have Doritos magic and Robe Lowe taking a cheeky dig at hipsters.