Celebrating diversity and inclusivity at Unruly

One of the things we care about at Unruly is encouraging diversity across the business.

Recently, inspiring Unrulies Sarah Young and Hannah Mackaness were approached by Sky and asked to do an interview on what it’s like to work somewhere where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated.

The pair loved the conversation that spurred from the interview, and asked if they could re-film it so that it could be made available for anyone to watch.

During the video the pair speak about the ProDev teams approach to diversity and inclusivity. They also speak about the changes they put in place that allowed the team to double the amount of women working in it.

The pair also talk about the journeys that brought them both into ProDev, and the impact that support for inter-team transitions has had on the team as a whole. 

Pop your headphones in, sit back, and find out more about the amazing Unruly ProDev team…

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Universal McCann this year partnered with Thinkbox TV and the Museum of Brands to examine the portrayal of women in ads, and the impact this has on the public.

The research also looked at harmful stereotypes more generally, examining how identities and gender roles are presented for both men and women.


It’s no secret the tech sector has a diversity problem. At Unruly, 48% of our workforce is female, but, unfortunately, we are the exception rather than the rule.

According to stats from DotEveryone, women occupy only 17% of tech jobs, and fewer than 10% of these women are in leadership positions.


Caitlin Moran discussed the challenges facing publishers and journalists alike today during an insightful discussion with Johnny Hornby, founder of The & Partnership, at Cannes Lions.

Today also saw Unilever CMO Keith Weed take the stage for his ‘Future of Brands’ keynote, in which he addressed the power of influencers and Unilever’s new commitment to remove stereotypes from its brand marketing.