German Supermarket Edeka Overtakes John Lewis To Become Most Shared Christmas Ad Of 2015

Step aside John Lewis’s Old Man On The Moon – there’s a new pensioner in town.

A commercial for Edeka, a German supermarket chain, has dethroned John Lewis at the top of the Christmas ad pile in just 1 week – a staggering feat considering John Lewis’ ad is always thought by many to be the biggest and best advertising offering over the festive period.


After a week watching the best (and worst) video advertisements on the net, we’ve picked the five essential ones to watch.

Brands have jumped on the Thanksgiving bandwagon and created some hilarious/powerful ads this week.  Our top five ads take will take you through a range of emotions; nostalgic sweets, binge eating infants and disinterested cats are sure to send you to a good place just as we begin the weekend .


This article originally appeared in Marketing magazine

Sainsbury’s: ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’

Sainsbury’s entry into 2015’s ad race just dropped and, to pretty much everyone’s surprise, it’s a reboot of a beloved British franchise. Are we talking about Harry Potter? Doctor Who? The Magic Roundabout?


Step aside old man on the moon, Sainsbury’s has just launched its 2015 Christmas ad campaign – and it’s great.

Last year the UK supermarket performed exceptionally well and was at one point very close to the tail of young Monty the Penguin. Christmas in the UK has become the Super Bowl advertising event of the UK and it’s John Lewis and Sainsbury’s that are leading the way.


The most hotly-anticipated UK ad of the year has just launched online. 

There’s been rumours for weeks, but now the wait is over. John Lewis ads have charmed audiences around the world and effectively turned the holiday season into the Super Bowl of the U.K. If you’re not on the invite list for their movie like premiere at their flagship London store than the below should fill your festive boots.

Let the race to win Christmas begin.