Viral Review: Bose Shows Us A New Side Of London

Bose: Get Closer

Rating: 8/10

Cities are crowded places. Anyone who’s ever lived in a major metropolis knows that, for all their cosmopolitan benefits, one of their many downsides is just how many people there are.

If you’ve ever been compressed between strangers fighting for a Tube seat or narrowly avoided a car accident while dodging tourists, you’ve probably fantasised about what living in an empty city might be like. Bose’s latest campaign is here to sate that desire.


At Unruly we love ads, in fact, we love them so much we gather up all the best bits of creative from the past 7 days just so you can catch up before the weekend.

This week’s selection ads features some familiar faces, courtesy of Emirates and Gusto, as well as a surprisingly warm turn from a small robotic man.