The 5 Ads of 2017 You Really Need To Watch (Again)

Every month Unruly scours the corners of the web for the funniest, saddest and weirdest ads around – then we put them on a handy list so you can catch up before the weekend.

This month has a twist, however. As it’s the end of the year, we decided to turn things up a notch and give you our favourite ads of the year. This year’s round-up includes a holiday ad from London Heathrow Airport, a terrifically-terrifying Halloween spot from Mars, and even an ad from Super Bowl sweetheart Hyundai.


This article originally appeared in Campaign

Audi this week serves up what is bound to be one of 2017’s most memorable and inventive video campaigns.

Send In The Clowns’ teaser boasts “serious technology, silly situations” – and that’s precisely what we get: a surrealist fantasy that takes a traditional autos ad and turns it upside down, adds a red nose and then throws a cream pie in its face.


This article orginally appeared in Campaign. 

It takes a pretty exceptional effort to make an automobile advert that stands out. After all, how many times can viewers see a low-slung sports car bombing it around a track before they get the idea? Beyond a few ingenious examples of car advertising, it isn’t really a genre which offers a tremendous amount of variety.

Audi is a brand which understands this quandary, and its latest spot ‘Test Drive’ does its damnedest to break the mould. How does it do this, you ask? By suggesting that viewers simply aren’t tough enough to drive their cars. It’s a feat of quite remarkable reverse psychology, resulting in one of the more memorable automobile ads in recent years.


Every week Unruly rounds up the 5 best ads from the past week, and then puts them together in this handy list for your viewing pleasure.

This week’s ads are a varied bunch, with bank robbers and dentists, election talk from Channel 4 and even some time-travel from Lacoste.


An inventive month for online video advertising, September’s most-shared spots run the gamut, from moving documentaries to surreal sketches, product launches to surprising team-ups.

While no month in AdLand is ever exactly the same, this is undeniably the most varied bunch in a good while.


Every week Unruly brings you the latest and greatest bits of creative from the world of advertising, and pops them in this handy list so you don’t miss a thing!

This week’s batch features a new spot for Apple‘s latest phone, a visually-stunning ad from Audi and the return of everyone’s favourite sweetcorn mascot.


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In this week’s round-up we have our Super Bowl special showing the best ads that were released this week including regulars such as Budweiser, a terrifying creation from Mountain Dew and an inspiring ad from Audi. So without further ado, here is our weekly round-up of the five ads you should watch right now.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!