How Did Channel 4’s “We Are The Superhumans” Win Cannes Lions?

Superhuman by name, superhuman by performance – it seems there’s no stopping Channel 4’s Paralympic promo.

The ad became the most shared ad of Rio 2016 after attracting more than 1.3 million shares, and last week received the coveted Film Lions Grand Prix award at Cannes Lions. But what has made the ad performance Higher, Faster and Stronger than its rivals?


Harvey Nichols’ hilarious “Rewards” ad campaign beat off stiff competition to win the Film Grand Prix at Cannes Lions last year.

The video, which superimposes cartoon villain heads over CCTV footage of real-life shoplifters, earned the UK retailer and agency Adam & Eve/DDB the top honour in the Film category in 2016.

So with only a few days to go till Cannes Lions 2017 kicks off, we thought we would look at the ad campaign in more detail.


What makes a golden Olympic ad? Big sports stars? A great soundtrack?

Well, with the Rio Games in full swing, Unruly has looked at one of this year’s biggest ads in more detail. 

Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself”, starring swimmer Michael Phelps, has attracted 308,000 shares since it was released back in March, making it the second most shared Olympics ad in 2016 and the fifth most shared Olympics ad of all time.


A music video starring Colombian pop princess Shakira may not seem the most likely candidate as the most shared football ad of all time. However, when it comes to shareable branded content, Activia’s World Cup 2014 video “La La La” – made in conjunction with the World Food – is in a league of its own.

Since its launch, the ad has attracted 6.1 million shares, not only making it the most shared football ad of all time, but also the second most shared ad ever released, behind Google Android’s “Friends Furever” (7.4 million shares).

But what made the ad such a big hit online? Why did consumers share it and which audiences did it appeal most to? Well, to celebrate the European Championships kicking off today, we have analysed Activia’s ad in more detail.


This article originally appeared on Campaign‘s website.

Unruly has analysed the most-shared online ad of February – S7 Airlines and OK Go “Upside Down & Inside Out” by Damian Kulash and Trish Sie – to unearth some wisdom for marketers.