These Are The 10 Most Shared Football Ads Of All Time

Euro 2016 officially kicked off this weekend. In celebration, and because we’re Unruly, we thought we’d run down our list of the 10 most shared football ads of all time.

The Beautiful Game has always attracted beautiful ads, but our top 10 list shows off some truly awesome ideas. The diverse approaches taken by agencies and brands is testament to the inspirational power of the sport. I’m just hoping it rubs off on the England team this year!


A music video starring Colombian pop princess Shakira may not seem the most likely candidate as the most shared football ad of all time. However, when it comes to shareable branded content, Activia’s World Cup 2014 video “La La La” – made in conjunction with the World Food – is in a league of its own.

Since its launch, the ad has attracted 6.1 million shares, not only making it the most shared football ad of all time, but also the second most shared ad ever released, behind Google Android’s “Friends Furever” (7.4 million shares).

But what made the ad such a big hit online? Why did consumers share it and which audiences did it appeal most to? Well, to celebrate the European Championships kicking off today, we have analysed Activia’s ad in more detail.


With Cannes Lions kicking off yesterday, the advertising industry is all set to celebrate the greatest achievements of the last year.

With campaign awards ranging from ‘Product Design’ to ‘Cyber’ – and even the inaugural Glass Lion, focusing on gender issues and female empowerment – there will be plenty of chances for ambitious agencies to make their name.


The #VSAs Give Top Honors to Activia, Samsung and Budweiser

The Internet has spoken!  This year advertisers have delivered shareable ads that made us scream, cry, dance and sing (some all at the same time).

But which brands and campaigns were a cut above? Well, in its 2nd annual Unruly Video Sharing Awards (#VSAs) this week, Unruly honored the social video stars of 2014.

Powered by the Unruly Viral Video Chart, the awards are picked by the people, based on the sharing data aggregated from across the social web.

Or more simply, the brands and videos that were the most shared across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.