DevOps Engineer – London

WANTED:  A devops engineer enthusiastic about building a sustainable platform to help our product development teams to deliver value to customers as quickly as possible.

 You will be delivering services and tools using Agile and Lean Startup philosophies to best effect. You will be working with SREs, infrastructure developers and application developers, located both in our London HQ and remotely.

 We use TDD, pair programming, continuous delivery, collective ownership and close collaboration. 

Location: London (London, UK) 

Contract Type:  Permanent

 Your mission will be to:

  • Build an application delivery platform which developers love to use.
  • Provide platform tools and services which ensure that dev teams can own and operate the applications they build in production.  Build tools and services for provisioning, orchestration, scaling, monitoring, alerting and observability.
  • Evangelise use of the platform tools and services to dev teams to support their transition to a service architecture.  Educating, consulting and training the dev teams in the correct use of the platform is as important as building it.
  • Help shape DevOps practices to be adopted by developers
  • Evaluate and advocate for technology choices for building out the platform
  • Maintain BAU including responding to the support ticket queue
  • Support the platform services in production, including out of hours.

Experience we value:

  • Experience working cooperatively with a variety of teams and stakeholders.
  • Examples of where you have taken a ‘Lean’ approach to new service development, optimising decisions and stories towards getting faster feedback.
  • Provided ideas on how technical vision and architecture can be improved to better support the product vision. (And vice versa!)
  • An understanding or willingness to learn XP development practices including pair programming, shared code ownership, test driven development and continuous integration.
  • Demonstrated interest in the latest devops and development technologies.  This is likely to include experience in cloud computing systems, high scale & high availability systems, approaches to API development, infrastructure as code, and system monitoring.
  • Experience with infrastructure as code, service discovery and server provisioning tools (ie terraform, Puppet, autoscaling) 
  • Experience using and maintaining AWS systems (EC2, lambda, S3, ELB, RDS etc..)
  • A thorough understanding of the importance of monitoring, alerting and observability in systems, and experience of suitable tools (ie Nagios, Graphite, Log aggregation tools, Prometheus) 
  • An awareness of security measures (auditing, intrusion detection, vulnerability awareness)

Skills we value:

  • Well organised, with strong time management skills. 
  • Addresses challenges proactively and sees things through from start to finish.
  • A high level of ownership and accountability. You don’t wait to be told to do something.
  • A swift decision maker, delivering quality in a rapidly growing and changing business.
  • A proactive communicator able to translate technical information to non-technical people and commercial information to technical people.
  • Someone who likes to understand how things tick, from business models to technical architectures – not the kind of person who brushes over the details!
  • Able to run effective meetings.

Our development values:

  • We know that commercial knowledge is highly important.
  • We work iteratively and aim to get feedback quickly.  We use qualitative data such as SLXs to measure that the correct thing is delivered. 
  • It’s usually better to improve existing code than start from scratch – even if you didn’t write the existing code.

Qualities we value:

  • Pragmatism – able to gather and balance a range of needs and optimising for the whole.
  • Responsiveness – able to pick up on problems and proactively address them.
  • Collaborativeness – happy to work in a continuous build/delivery environment and work closely with other teams.
  • Supportiveness – able to help others grow and learn.
  • Flexibility – able to adapt and align work to changing requirements and priorities.
  • Passion – interested in the latest web technologies and trends.
  • Calmness under pressure – able to approach situations and lead them to resolution.

We’d love it if you:

  • Have a background in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) or development
  • Have an amazing ability to make people from other teams feel included and brought into the direction and decisions..
  • Are very familiar with high availability distributed system design.
  • Astound us with your knowledge of lean and agile development techniques and proven ability to simplify the complex.