Senior Software Developer – London

WANTED:  A senior software developer to join our extreme programming team. Someone who wants to do more than just code, we want a dreamer, a creator, someone who likes to discuss ideas and enjoys working with others to design and create great features and products. Someone who understands that “what you build” is just as important as “how you build it”.  You will be discussing strategy, product design and system architecture as well as testing and coding, whilst working on market leading solutions in the social video space. You must be happy talking with non-technical people, discussing ideas, doing pair programming and be keen to develop your skills in all areas of product development.

In this role you’ll work with a team of highly experienced developers (and other tech area specialists), and will work with a wide range of advanced web and cloud technologies. You’ll develop your skills whilst applying them to real world problems. If you’ve ever thought “one day I would like to start a tech company” or “maybe I could lead a team”, this is a great role to better understand what is involved- it gives you an opportunity to understand every aspect of product development – not just writing code.

Reports to: Team Lead, Product Development

Location: East London

Employment Type:  Permanent

Working Hours:  7.5 hours per day with Core Hours 10.00am – 4.30pm

Salary: Highly Competitive

Benefits: Private health cover, iPhone or Android phone, Cycle to Work scheme, season ticket loan, laptop allowance, conference attendance allowance.  There are company social events, weekly deliveries of fruit and film nights .

About the Role: Mission

Your mission will be to:

  • Work alongside Product Development team members and other Unruly teams to develop cutting edge ad tech products using a combination of lean and agile development practices.
  • Extend and maintain our platforms, pairing with other developers
  • Be part of full team design, discovery and reflection
  • Collaborate with our product experts (and others) to help decide what we should deliver next

About the Role: Key Relationships

  • Development team
  • Customers (people across the business and end users)

About You: Experience

You must have:

  • Knowledge of:
    • Javascript, Object Oriented design and Javascript design patterns
    • HTML5 and earlier versions
    • CSS3 and earlier versions
  • Understanding of internet and web technologies such as HTTP, CDNs, DNS
  • Experience with cross-browser issues and knowledge of techniques for avoiding them
  • Experience working with JS libraries, widgets, frameworks and best practice

Experience of at least two of the following:

  • Mobile web development challenges
  • MV-* style client frameworks   
  • Mobile development Android/iOS
  • Java (or other JVM languages)
  • Linux/Unix
  • SQL

About You: Skills

You must be:

  • An excellent communicator with good attention to detail, able to communicate effectively both in person and in writing
  • A rapid learner, able to pick up new concepts quickly and apply them in a practical way
  • Able to approach systematically diagnosing unfamiliar technical issues
  • Committed to high standards in your work
  • Able to apply Test Driven Development with JavaScript and know why this improves the quality of the codebase
  • Able to apply Object Oriented Design to Javascript
  • Strong at Namespacing/DOM Manipulation/AJAX
  • Able to build responsive and elegant web UIs

About You: Behaviour

You must be:

  • Sociable – happy to do pair programming
  • Flexible – able to adapt and align work to changing requirements and priorities
  • Passionate – interested in the latest web technologies and trends
  • Confident – able to clearly express your ideas in discussions
  • Curious – willing and able to questions that help you learn and develop
  • Change oriented – willing and able to be part of an environment that is geared towards continuous improvement

The Wow Factor

We’d love it if you have:

  • Existing experience with Java and the associated ecosystem
  • Experience with the practices of Extreme Programming
  • Passion for learning on a wide front – we want people who bring new perspectives to the technical organisation, either from their background or from what they are learning day-to-day
  • A real enthusiasm for constantly improving both software and software development processes
  • Understanding of ad-serving and ad technologies
  • Experience setting up / maintaining server

Other details:

You should be passionate about helping the business gain value from the team’s products, and willing to ensure that the systems are operating correctly. This will involve participating in an on-call rota to investigate and resolve critical issues affecting your team’s software when they (rarely) occur out-of-hours.

We operate using a Lean approach to new software development, with frequent releases and a focus on getting minimal viable products into market as early as possible to gather incremental feedback – this forms the core of our process.

To Apply:

Send an email to [email protected] with CV attached, your name, and “Senior Software Developer ” in the subject line. Please specify your availability to commence the role and don’t forget to tell us where you heard about the role! All applicants are required to be authorised to work in the UK.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.

We love reviewing all the applications we receive, but unfortunately we’re not able to get back to everyone individually. If we’d like to move forward with your application we’ll definitely be in touch!

WANTED: We’re looking for a customer-centric & tech-savvy Product Manager to join our Product Development team based in London.  In this role, you’ll work with developers and key global stakeholders across multiple product areas to drive product discovery, prioritisation, collaboration and drive the delivery of our awesome product set.
Your Impact:
  • You will manage the execution of major new features, influencing launches and enhancements for our products, benefiting the entire company
  • You’ll ensure we can provide market-leading and revenue generating reporting management features for Unruly’s customers and users
  • You will work closely with over 70 great engineers and key stakeholders helping prioritise, whilst being on top of all the details
  • And you will join a fresh company with a start-up feel, and you’ll show us what makes you Unruly
Who You Are:
  • You are an excellent communicator
  • You are Intellectually curious, naturally collaborative, plus plenty of grit
  • You are highly analytical, well organised, and quick to learn
  • You enjoy working in a client facing role and have the ability to tailor your communication to suit the audience
  • You are interested in social media, technology and research
  • And you get really fired up by the prospect of joining a small, cross-functional team focussed on delivery, backed by an established, thought-leading company
Our Culture:

Located where Brick Lane meets Shoreditch and the City, Unruly is a company built around the product. With Unruly you will be part of an awesome, global and diverse team on a mission to change advertising for the better. We have a unique, nurturing and inclusive company culture that celebrates both personal and professional growth. As a fast-growth scale-up and part of the News Corp family, we offer both agility and development opportunities; we learn together, and we teach each other through collaboration, tech talks and conferences.

About the Role: Key Relationships
  • Product Team
  • SVP Product
  • Product Development Team
  • SVP Software Development
  • CTO
  • Senior stakeholders
  • Exec Team
  • Internal Stakeholders
  • Publishers and Advertisers
About You: Experience
You have:
  • Demonstrated the ability to adapt to new technologies quickly
  • Experience in understanding and analysing commercial priorities and business needs
About You: Skills
You are:
    • Great analytical problem-solver and love making data-driven decisions
    • Able to see items through to a resolution – and enjoy getting things done
    • Able to communicate effectively both in person and in writing – able to simplify the apparently complex, with superb interpersonal skills
    • Able to adapt and align work to changing requirements and priorities.
    • Focused on maximising early value and learning through discovery and questioning
    • Knowledgeable and intellectually curious, with a good technical understanding of Web fundamentals and you are interested in the latest web technologies and industry trends
    • Able to combine technical depth with business savvy, creative and persistence to create and evaluate business cases for work, weighing up risks and value
    • Great at creating and maintaining personal relationships to aid collaboration
About You: Behaviour
  • Commercially focussed on delivering business value
  • Willing to embrace change and be able to adapt and align work to changing priorities
  • Sociable and happy to work in a highly collaborative environment
  • Confident and able to clearly express your ideas in discussions
  • Passionate, with a strong desire to progress in the industry
  • Diplomatic, able to explain bad news & compromises without alienating others
  • Enthusiastic and keen to champion new product ideas
  • Reliable and able to take ownership and responsibility
The WOW Factor
These are by no means essential, but we’d love it if:
  • You have worked with agile development teams
  • You have an understanding of Extreme Programming (XP) and the differences to scrum
  • You have experience in a Product Manager role
  • You have worked directly with teams of developers as well as non-technical people
  • You have worked in a startup or have taken a new product from conception to launch
  • You have AdServing / Online Media experience
  • You know a programming language
  • You are familiar with SQL or Splunk
  • You have creative skills (Photoshop, Video Editing etc.)
  • You are flexible and willing to travel overseas
To Apply:
  • Send an email with CV attached and your name and “Product Manager” in the subject line to [email protected]
  • Please specify your availability to commence the role.
  • Don’t forget to tell us where you heard about the role!
  • All applicants must be authorised to work in the UK.

WANTED:  A product development team lead, enthusiastic about delivering sustainable value to our customers as quickly as possible.

You will be responsible for ensuring the development team is frequently delivering high quality products using Agile and Lean Startup philosophies to best effect. You will be able to balance the needs and perspectives within a multi-disciplinary team. You will also represent the team in cross-team discussions, working with other team leads.

We use TDD, pair programming, continuous delivery, collective ownership and close collaboration to build products that get videos seen, shared and loved across the open web for brands that want to move people, not just reach people.

We want people who currently excel, but who also want to learn, refine and change, at both the individual and team level. You don’t need an advertising background, but you do need to be willing to learn. You also need to be willing to take responsibility, for yourself and your team.

Reports to: VP, Architecture.

Direct reports: Product Development Team (Typically 4 to 10 people)

Location: London (London, UK)

Employment Type:  Permanent

Working Hours: 7.5 hours per day with Core Hours 10-4.30

Salary: Highly competitive

Benefits: Conference attendance allowance, private health cover, iPhone or Android phone, Cycle to Work scheme, season ticket loan, laptop allowance.  

About the Role: Mission

Your mission will be to:

  • Sustainably build out a range of platforms that support innovative delivery of programmatic video advertising
  • Develop and grow an environment where your team can flourish

About the Role: Key Relationships

  • VP Architecture
  • SVP Product
  • Product managers & Product directors
  • Other Product Development teams
  • Stakeholders including Sales, Marketing, Design across global territories in Singapore, Germany, London, New York

About You: Experience

You must have:

  • Experience in successfully leading a development team, large or small or managing and directing the delivery of software through development teams.
  • Strong people management skills. Willingness and ability to support people’s career development and act as a coach and mentor for team members
  • Managing and prioritising multiple streams of work to ensure a team’s products remain fit now and for the future.
  • Experience working cooperatively with a variety of teams and stakeholders.
  • Demonstrable interest in product strategy with an interest in product market fit and creating real value.
  • Examples of where you have a taken a ‘Lean’ approach to new product development, optimising decisions and stories towards getting faster feedback.
  • Provided ideas on how technical vision and architecture can be improved to better support the product vision. (And vice versa!)
  • Experience of supporting products and features once they are in production, or be keen to work in an environment where development teams embrace this approach.
  • A good understanding or willingness to learn XP development practices including pair programming, shared code ownership, test driven development and continuous integration and what their benefits are.
  • Demonstrated interest in the latest web and development technologies particularly in the area your team would be focussed on. This is likely to include experience in cloud computing systems, high scale & high availability systems, approaches to API development and system monitoring.
  • Enough experience in software development to understand that it’s usually better to improve existing code than start from scratch – even if you didn’t write the existing code.

About You: Skills

You must be:

  • Extremely organised, with strong time management and an inclination to address challenges proactively.
  • Someone who likes to get things done and sees things through from start to finish
  • Someone with a high level of ownership and accountability. You don’t wait to be told to do something.
  • A swift decision maker, able to confidently deliver quality in a rapidly growing and changing business.
  • A proactive communicator able to translate technical information to non-technical people and commercial information to technical people.
  • Someone who likes to understand how things tick, from business models to technical architectures – not the kind of person who brushes over the details!
  • Able to run effective meetings with developers, customers and other business stakeholders

About You: Behaviour

You must be:

  • Pragmatic – able to gather and balance a rage of needs and optimising for the whole.
  • Responsive – able to pick up on concerns or misunderstandings of team members or other stakeholders and proactively address them.
  • Collaborative – happy to work in a continuous build/delivery environment and work closely with other teams.
  • Supportive – able to help others and involve yourself where required and facilitate team development, ensuring the team remains cross skilled, building and owning its own services and infrastructure as required.
  • Flexible – able to adapt and align work to changing requirements and priorities.
  • Positive – you come with a can do attitude & solutions orientated mindset
  • Passionate – interested in the latest web technologies and trends.
  • Calm under pressure – able to approach situations and lead them to resolution.

The WOW factor!

We’d love it if you:

  • Have a background in programmatic AdTech, Real Time Bidding systems (RTB) and IAB video formats such as VAST and VPAID.
  • Have an amazing ability to make people from other teams feel included and brought into the direction and decisions.
  • Founded a tech startup or lead on an exciting new product idea inside a larger company.
  • Are very familiar with domain modelling and high availability distributed system design.
  • Astound us with your knowledge of lean and agile development techniques and proven ability to simplify the complex.
  • Have a fantastic record of mentoring developers in agile development techniques.
  • Have experience growing a team – whether that be finding great candidates or helping set up the development tools and process.

To Apply

Send an email containing your CV with your name and  in the subject line to [email protected] Don’t forget to tell us where you heard about the role! All applicants must be legally entitled to work in the UK.

WANTED: A User Experience Coach to join our extreme programming team, someone who prides themselves on their ability to share their knowledge and instill a user-centred mindset across our teams.

You’ll help embed quantitative and qualitative user feedback into our processes, helping us know whether we’re creating real value for real customers as well as users and stakeholders, in a way that is highly collaborative and outcome focused.

You’ll be happy pairing with developers and running workshops to help developers get better at user-testing, paper prototyping, and observing users.

You’ll facilitate developers and product managers getting out of the building, and shadowing internal stakeholders and users, as they prepare stories and plan quarterly goals. You’ll help the product development team validate assumptions for longer term strategic work and short term iterations through data and customer research.

We have a very fast-moving, complex B2B business with a network of customers from publishers to brands, advertising agencies, DSPs and trading desks. If you understand that UX is not UI and this excites you, then we’d like to hear from you.


Private health cover, iPhone or Android phone, Cycle to Work scheme, childcare vouchers, season ticket loan, laptop allowance, conference attendance allowance.  There are monthly company social events, weekly deliveries of fruit, film nights and an annual Unruly Festival.

About the Role: Mission & Key relationships


Champion customer and user experience at Unruly using your deep, practical understanding of Lean UX methodologies and product design to increase understanding of our users and customers, establishing habitual qualitative and quantitative feedback loops.


  • Collaborate effectively and provide UX coaching for product managers, product directors, developers, Agile and engineering coaches, testers, and other specialists, business development, and marketing
  • Pair with developers and product people preparing and planning stories for short and longer term work
  • Collaborate with the creative team to ensure seamless and consistent UI in the product development cycle.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to maintain a consistent understanding of  customers across Unruly
  • Help the product development team validate assumptions for longer term strategic work and short term iterations through data and customer research
  • Champion organise, and facilitate focused, outcome orientated customer conversations and GOOB (Get Out of the Building) for product development


  • Product Development team
  • SVP Product
  • SVP Software Development
  • CMO
  • Senior Brand and Creative Lead – Global

About You:


Significant working in an online tech company in a UX role.


It would be great if you have some of the following skills and behaviour (and are excited about developing those you don’t yet have!)

  • Passion about Lean UX techniques. Comfortable working in an iterative manner—not wedded to perfection.
  • Business outcome orientated. Analytical and data driven. Willing and able to get into raw business data and understand how it is relevant to you. Getting demonstrable commercial results for the business and the wider team is what you believe counts.
  • Comfortable with and experienced at working closely in a highly collaborative manner with developers, product managers and directors, business development, marketing.
  • You understand the difference between coaching, teaching, and mentoring—preferring coaching to teaching, and always listening and learning.  
  • Flexibleable to deal with ambiguity and changing priorities, work within short iterations in a focused manner. Able to prioritise effectively and embrace change.
  • Demonstrable ability to concisely and coherently summarise complex information for technical and commercial audiences. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to produce outcome focused research in a timely manner.
  • Able to influence and build credibility across the organisation and get buy in for your ideas with senior stakeholders.
  • Experience in a B2B environment where UX often doesn’t mean UI.
  • Fundamentally understands the difference between customers, users, and stakeholders.

The WOW Factor

We’d love it if you have:

  • Familiarity with online video advertising industry
  • Experience working in a B2B context
  • UI design skills and understanding of graphic design
  • Interaction design skills
  • Understanding of information architecture
  • Comfortable creating wireframes
  • Competence in one or more programming languages
  • Can build prototypes using html/js/css
  • Extreme programming experience

To Apply

Send an email with CV attached and your name and “UX Coach” in the subject line to [email protected]. Please specify your availability to commence the role and don’t forget to tell us where you heard about the role! All applicants must be authorised to work in the UK.

We love reviewing all the applications we receive, but unfortunately we’re not able to get back to everyone individually. If we’d like to move forward with your application we’ll definitely be in touch!

Unruly is the video marketplace you can trust to move people, not just reach people. We help the world’s biggest advertisers engage global audiences by harnessing the power of our data-powered video marketplace, UnrulyX, on brand-safe, premium sites, while helping top publishers better monetise their audiences. Our superpower is emotional testing and targeting via UnrulyEQ, which leverages over a decade of video data and almost 2.2 million viewer reactions to videos to provide deep analysis of metrics that matter, enabling us to deliver better targeting and higher campaign ROI at scale.


Unruly needs a Product Compliance Manager to help us ensure that our processes and products accurately reflect our commitment to privacy and integrity. We deal with a complicated, evolving framework of industry and legislative standards and we need someone who is able to understand this and answer fuzzy questions with practical, concrete responses.


* Coordinate responses to questions from partners regarding our privacy, data and infosec policies, directly handling any that specifically refer to our technical infrastructure and depend on technical understanding

* Review draft contracts for consistency with internal policies and commitments from the commercial/product perspective

* Monitor our product compliance to the GDPR, including Privacy by Design and related requirements as they arise

* Own and manage the GDPR Privacy by Design process and verification of the product development output
* Respond to contractual questions from potential customers, bearing all the above in mind

* Boost awareness of legal and contractual restrictions on product development

* Arrange contracts with third party suppliers on behalf of the software development team, including ensuring pricing is aligned with future product needs

* Ensure our business development team have knowledge of our product strategy and existing contractual obligations for negotiations with partners

* Work with internal legal counsel as required to negotiate and conclude contracts with technology suppliers


* Strong organizational skills

* Attention to detail

* Able to summarise complex information for technical and commercial audiences

* Able to prioritise, deal with ambiguity and work to deadlines

* Flexibility

* Deals well with pressure

* Able to work closely with software developers to help plan, deliver and review technical work and its alignment with our regulatory obligations in an Agile/Lean environment

Key Relationships

  • Legal team
  • Product Development Team
  • COO
  • SVP, BD


* Familiarity with online video advertising industry.