Timehop Boosts PMP Revenue by 157% with UnrulyX CTRL

Timehop — the nostalgia, feelgood app that helps users celebrate the best moments of the past with friends — achieved incredible results after switching a high-profile PMP from another SSP to the UnrulyX CTRL publisher platform.

The app has a direct ad sales team and transacts their video and banner ad inventory 100% programmatically through a mix of Open Marketplace (OMP) and Private Marketplace (PMP) deals.

Timehop switched to UnrulyX based on our best-in-class operational support, competitive fee structure, and overall deal performance.

The UnrulyX account team led Timehop through a seamless onboarding and setup process, helping to expedite speed to market for deal activation. Timehop’s PMP in partnership with a top U.S. big-box retailer began to see some tremendous results, including:

  • 157% increase in revenue;
  • 119% increase in UnrulyX’s demand performance when the PMP was added in;
  • 93.5% increase in the PMP performance when it moved over to UnrulyX;
  • 3x eCPM.

Timehop’s VP Programmatic Product Development David Leviev said: “The results with Unruly have been outstanding and PMP performance continues to shine week in, week out. The Unruly team has been hands-on when I’ve needed support, and their UnrulyX CTRL self-service UI makes it so easy for us to track all our deals and make adjustments in real-time as our targets shift.”

“The success that Timehop has seen has been amazing,” said Unruly’s Chief Strategy Officer, Kenneth Suh. “We built our platform to give control back to publishers, providing them with transparency and a clear overview of the entire deals ecosystem. We appreciate Timehop putting their trust in our team and monetization tools and look forward to continued success.”

Timehop’s user experience includes a mix of curated content from social media platforms, historical snippets and retro videos of historical events that can be easily shared. The app has seen continued user growth since its launch in 2011.

It boasts a truly diverse and dedicated fanbase of millions of daily active users, which attracts some of the biggest advertisers from across the globe.

The UnrulyX CTRL self-service platform provides the tools publishers need to package, price, and transact their premium programmatic inventory, and the reporting and insights dashboard helps publishers maximize yield.

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Follow-up to first-ever car ad written by AI in running for Campaign Tech Award

Unruly’s work on a follow-up campaign by Lexus to the first-ever car ad to be written by AI has been shortlisted for a Campaign Tech award.

Unruly worked with the autos brand on the ground-breaking campaign for its ES model, using data collected from over 15 years of award-winning luxury campaigns to help create the first completely AI-powered autos ad.

To replicate the success of the ES campaign, Lexus approached Unruly again, along with M/Six and Xaxis, to help with the launch of its new campaign to promote the Lexus UX.

To ensure the content resonated strongly with Lexus’ target audiences, Unruly used its pioneering content testing tool UnrulyEQ and front-facing Emotion AI webcams to measure the emotional responses of three different hero ads in the UK, Italy and Germany.

The results were then analysed to see if the content resonated with two target audiences that were built out for Lexus. ‘Urban Explorers’ targeted younger consumers starting out on a new journey with their family and ‘New Horizons’ targeted older consumers at the start of a new journey after their children had moved out.

The facial coding responses were used to identify the most relevant moments of each hero ad. This allowed Unruly to serve a different sequence of vignettes to audiences in each market based on the content testing responses.

In a final step, Unruly used Hofstede’s cultural insights to help inform the distribution strategies for five additional markets around the world.

All the distribution was complemented by Unruly’s KPI optimiser, ensuring the campaign’s performance was driven by a combination of content testing, facial coding and AI optimisation.

Unruly’s work on the campaign has been shortlisted for a Campaign Tech award in the “Best Use of AI” category. The winners will be announced at a digital awards ceremony on June 22.

Lexus Europe’s General Manager, Owen Peacock, said: “Following on from the organic and PR success of our first AI campaign, we were excited and confident we would learn a lot. This time the focus was on how AI could help us evolve and maximise the impact of our most emotionally led car launch in Europe to date.

“The&Partnership’s recommendation to tap into facial coding and machine learning aligned perfectly with our desire to go beyond the AI world we had tapped into for our first campaign – and as a result, we truly delivered a campaign that pushed the boundaries of audience first media planning.

The Campaign Tech Awards celebrate the industry’s most innovative tech-driven work that shows best-in-class creativity or collaboration to deliver effective marketing solutions for brands.

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New eye-tracking research from Lumen shows impact to In-Article creative

What can seem like small tweaks to a brand’s creative can have a big impact. Just ask SK-II.

We recently made changes to a mobile campaign the Japanese cosmetics brand was running based on data we collected using UnrulyEQ, our content testing solution.

We then partnered with marketing and advertising research company Lumen, who used its recently-unveiled mobile eye-tracking technology to see the impact the changes had on people’s attention levels while viewing the live In-Article campaign on a website.

As part of the study, we also used UnrulyEQ to analyse the impact the changes had on SK-II’s brand and business metrics.

The results were highly compelling. Here are our three key takeaways:

1. The optimised version was more effective at holding people’s attention

survival curve

Using Lumen’s mobile eye-tracking technology, we discovered that people who saw the version optimised by UnrulyEQ Edit Suite were far more likely to stay engaged by the content.

As you can see from the chart above, the edited ad was more than effective at holding people’s interest over time than the unedited version, with viewers more than twice as likely (140%) to continue watching the ad.

2. Viewers were more than twice as likely to remember the brand

Part of the tweaks we made was to make the branding of the creative more prominent. And this clearly had an impact, with viewers of the optimised version 158% more likely to remember the brand.

3. And have a more positive perception of SK-II after watching

SKII perceptions

But what about brand perception? Well, as you can see from the chart above, the edited version left viewers with a much better impression of the brand overall, with all of the five key values — ‘different’, ‘good quality’, ‘current’, ‘trustworthy’ and ‘good value’ – significantly higher.

So what changes did we make?

OK, so you are probably wondering what changes we made to have such a dramatic impact on the success of the ad.

Well, first, let’s look at the two versions of the SK-II creative:

Original version:

Edited version:

As you can see, the changes we made were a lot less dramatic than the impact they had on the campaign.

According to a recent study we did with Lumen, the optimum length for In-Article ads is 20 seconds. So we used our Short Fix feature to chop the 60-second creative down to help it engage mobile audiences more effectively.

The original cut was 60 seconds long, and we managed to create a 15-second cut that was more engaging while maintaining the overarching narrative of the video.

We did this by using our content testing solution, UnrulyEQ, and facial coding to hone in on the most emotive elements of the ad to create a short-form, mobile-optimised ad that still maintained viewers’ attention levels.

To make it more natural and authentic to the mobile viewing experience, the next thing we did was convert the content into a vertical video format.

This is really important when optimising your content for mobile, with 53% of consumers and 57% of millennials finding it annoying when they have to turn their phone horizontally to watch their video in full screen (source: Unruly Mobile Study).

We then used our In-Article Fix — a service that optimises clients’ TVCs or pre-roll ads for In-Article formats — to update the branding within the video. To ensure viewers were in no doubt about which brand was behind the creative, we increased the branding at the beginning and end of the video to make it more prominent.

More details on the study

OK, so as we mentioned, the study was conducted in partnership with Lumen, who used its eye-tracking software to track the eye movements and attention levels of an audience panel of 300 women as they viewed the two creatives on the Reader’s Digest website. You can read more about Lumen’s recently-launched mobile eye-tracking solution here.

Using our UnrulyEQ content testing solution, we also surveyed participants to measure the impact the two creatives had on their perceptions of the brand.

To find out more about UnrulyEQ Edit Suite, click here.

Last year, MINI created a number of films to promote the ‘MINI FASHION Field Notes Capsule Collection’, and we helped to supercharge their campaign.

This was a series of limited edition fashion items for the urban traveller that stemmed from a collaboration between MINI and The Woolmark Company. The line was designed together with four up-and-coming international designers. Check out the 30-second spot below.

Using our UnrulyEQ suite of emotional and cultural testing tools, we helped MINI to find and reach their ‘cultural bullseye’ within their urban traveller target. UnrulyEQ used biometric testing and facial coding to identify trends in emotional responses to the ad. We combined this emotional intelligence with ground-breaking research into consumer behaviour and culture from MediaCom and Hofstede Insights.

cultural bullseye

Based on testing two 30-second campaign creatives, we gained emotional data and combined it with cultural data from our exclusive access to Hofstede Insights with MediaCom. The resulting unique dataset was analyzed using machine learning and this enabled us to explain and predict emotional reactions to the ads by linking them back to specific cultural segments. The analysis provided deep insight into which cultural audience segments MINI FASHION should target during the campaign and which segments they should avoid.

UnrulyEQ testing found clear indications of the existence of two very distinct sub-groups of MINI’s target audience. One of the groups resonated well with the content, and the other group experienced high levels of confusion. Being able to shed light on such nuances is key for international campaigns and could only be achieved by adding this extra layer of cultural analysis.

As a result of the cultural testing, we created an audience cluster, MINI’s cultural key audience. The characteristics of the cultural audience were that they were highly fashionable, curious, ambitious, and collective. These insights allowed us to deliver an impactful distribution via UnrulyX in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the US and UK. The campaign delivered over 1 million completed views with a VTR of 65.53% and saw CTR uplifts of up to +28% against the global norms.

CTR uplift

Commenting on the role of combining emotional and cultural data in the success of the campaign, Dr. Michael Fretschner, Unruly’s VP of Insight & Solution Northern Europe, commented: “The MINI FASHION Field Notes campaign is a fantastic example of how emotional and cultural insights can help to successfully introduce new products on an international scale while targeting the relevant target audience. The campaign moves consumers by combining creative and appealing content with relevant background information in great emotional storytelling. Thanks to our unique testing and targeting capabilities, we could help MINI achieve success in diverse markets as USA, Japan, or Germany, using the same original creative.”

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In December 2018 we launched a pro bono ad campaign in the UK to help Piccolo and Tesco distribute their Christmas ad campaign: “One for One”.

In 2016, the British Red Cross saw a 43% increase in mothers needing food and nappies for their children. Every year Piccolo supports the amazing work that the British Red Cross do across the UK to help feed these families over the Christmas period with its ‘One for One’ food donation campaign.

As part of the campaign, throughout December 2018, Piccolo donated one infant meal to the British Red Cross for every Piccolo product bought in Tesco stores nationwide, to support BRC’s work with destitute refugee families across the country.

To help them spread the word we distributed a 19-second ad for them across our premium publisher network which showcased their initiative, check out the ad below.

We helped Piccolo spread the message across the UK, and ensure it was communicated to the right audience at the right time, in the right places. We did this by delivering 31,944 completed views to audiences on high profile premium publisher sites and brand safe environments.

The One for One ad achieved 40,159 impressions, 154 clicks with a massive 79% completion rate which is 36% higher than the industry average.  

At Unruly we know the environment where an ad is served is extremely important. The content that an ad sits next to can greatly affect how it’s perceived. Not only this, but studies show that ads shown in premium environments produce greater levels of engagement and long-term memory encoding amongst consumers compared to ads on other sites.

Vertical and horizontal versions of the “One for One” ad were distributed at scale across our Verified Marketplace which is an exclusive place to collectively buy desktop and mobile outstream video inventory on The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun. It guarantees quality content and environments for advertisers with a potential audience of over 39.4 million unique users.

The campaign has been a huge success both in terms of the awareness we managed to drive across national media & digital (reaching an audience of over 10m) and the resulting sales: Piccolo are on track to donate 100,000 baby food meals to the British Red Cross!

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In 2018, the global drinks brand Coca-Cola, launched an ad campaign in Sweden for its new flavoured Coca-Cola Light Exotic Mango drink.

Understanding Coca-Cola’s audience

The brand produced a 10 second long video creative to promote the new flavoured drink.

The ad shows a couple drinking the new Coca-Cola flavoured drink in their lounge, and then transitions to a man sitting on a plane and drinking the passenger’s Coke who he is sitting next to whilst they sleep.  

To achieve brand awareness and optimal completion rates, Coca-Cola partnered with us to help them harness the power of emotional data.

With women aged 30 to 44 being the intended audience, Coca-Cola used our proprietary content research and testing tool UnrulyEQ.

Measuring the video’s impact on brand metrics allowed us to improve campaign success by understanding emotional, behavioural and cultural characteristics.

UnrulyEQ found that the creative evoked strong emotions of pride, warm heartedness, and happiness in viewers.

Coca-Cola Light Mango can
The power of environment

The ad was then distributed at scale via UnrulyX, across our Premium Publisher Network and appeared on premium Swedish sites including Elle, Metro, Topphälsa, Tara and styleby.nu.

At Unruly we believe that the environment you deliver your ad in is extremely important as the content it sits next to can greatly affect how it’s perceived. Not only this, but studies show that ads shown in premium environments produce greater levels of engagement and long-term memory encoding amongst consumers compared to ads on other sites.

The results

By pre-testing, identifying and using data targeting against the initial target audience, we managed to increase campaign results dramatically.

The campaign delivered an outstanding 521,622 completed views, a huge 126% uplift in Brand favourability, and a 108% uplift in Brand Promoters. It also boasted a 112% uplift in Purchase Intent and an enormous 76.28% completion rate!

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In April, Burger King launched the amazing Whopper Dog campaign.

The comical ad shows the journey a Burger King enthusiast takes to train his guide dog to find a Whopper Burger!

Burger King was aiming for the ad to generate attention amongst the broad target audience of dog lovers aged 14-49, fast-food lovers and people working in media/marketing/film. It wanted to measure their success via the number of completed views the ad received.

Before we started to distribute the ad across premium websites, we ran it through UnrulyEQ pre-testing in order to narrow the audience down and help Burger King discover which sorts of people were most likely to connect with its ad on an emotional level.

Initial reactions

UnrulyEQ custom audiences found 3 custom audiences which were most likely to resonate with the Whopper Dog ad:

  • An emotional audience: This audience is made up of people who felt the most intense emotion when watching the video
  • An intended audience: This audience is made up of people who purchased Burger King either once a month, or every two weeks
  • An affinity audience: This audience is made up of people who prefer McDonald’s over Burger King

Each audience elicited different reactions to the Whopper Dog ad. The emotional audience was more likely to be aged between 25-24 and when they watched the ad they felt proud, amazed and happy. The intended audience was more likely to feel exhilarated and proud when watching the ad. The affinity audience were more likely to feel amazed and motivated by the ad.

Our analysis showed that after targeting the affinity audience segment with the ad, we were able to drive an increase in all key metrics – brand favorability, influence brand promoters and purchase intent, versus the standard audience target for the campaign.

What is more interesting is that the purchase intent was 38% versus 31% of the standard target audience.

Supporting Burger King to create content that travels across borders

Whopper Dog campaign still

Hofstede and Mediacom’s model then helped us to understand cultural nuances associated with the creative.

Unique cultural data testing via our partnership with Hofstede and Mediacom was employed to highlight cultural differences evoked by the Whopper dog ad in different markets, allowing Burger King to maximise the impact of their content.

The findings from the UnrulyEQ Custom audiences demonstrated that viewers within the emotional audience segment were more likely to respond to the content with feelings of amusement, amazement and happiness than the broad advertiser target audience.

However, when we look at the cultural findings we can see that the top three emotions differ – this data was incorporated into campaign targeting to drive effective distribution in the respective target markets.

Making an impact

The findings from Unruly’s emotional and cultural testing aided the audience targeting and distribution of the campaign. Unruly used a blend of both In-Stream and Out-Stream Unruly formats for the campaign distribution across premium websites.

The campaign achieved some impressive results with 1,630,043 thirty-second views, a 1.82% Engagement Rate, a 1.3% CTR, a 79.24% Complete Rate and a 0.14% Share Rate.

Short Fix

In an age where consumer attention is scarce, Burger King was keen to make their existing asset work harder because they wanted to reach new audiences. To do this, they decided to create a shorter version of their ad. We helped them to do this through the Unruly Edit Suite Short Fix. This allowed them to get their key messages across to new viewers.

Using UnrulyEQ Max & Facial Coding, we were able to shorten the ad by identifying the most emotionally impactful 6 seconds in Whopper Dog creative. Find out more about our Short Fix here.

Transforming Burger King’s existing assets

We also helped Burger King create a highly-engaging format displaying the Whopper Dog ad the same way that viewers consume content on their mobile devices: vertically.

Distributing at scale in brand-safe premium environments

Brand safety is paramount for Burger King and with our UnrulyX Shield product suite, we committed to ensuring all ads were served within trusted environments. Unruly Shield has the highest TAG brand safety certification and deploys first and third-party technology (MOAT, IAS). Providing reassurance to advertisers when it comes to ad placement.

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In October 2018 we launched a pro bono ad campaign in the UK to help Mediacom distribute their UN Women UK ad entitled “Draw a line”.

Draw a line

The ad was launched to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November 2018. The premise of the day is to raise awareness for women around the world are subject to rape, domestic violence and other forms of abuse. It also aims to highlight the scale and true nature of the issue which is often hidden.

The ad, created by JWT London, featured a number of different celebrities including Doctor Who star Billie Piper and film and TV legend Benedict Cumberbatch. The celebrities drew orange lines (the colour associated with the campaign), and spread awareness by asking the public to raise their voices and help bring about change.

We helped UN Women to spread the message across the UK, and ensure it was communicated to the right audience at the right time, in the right places. We did this by delivering over 99,000 views to audiences on high profile premium publisher sites and brand safe environments.

Spreading awareness

“Draw a line” achieved 87,634 completed views, achieving an impressive 88% completion rate, which is 45% higher than the industry average. This indicates that the ad was delivered to the right audience as a large proportion of them watched it all the way through.

We also helped the UN women UK ad achieve a higher than average CTR of 0.56% compared to the industry average of 0.42%, and a higher than average interaction rate of 0.57% compared to the industry average of 0.42%. The ad also had an average dwell time of 10.7 seconds.

The power of premium environments

At Unruly we believe that the environment you deliver your ad in is extremely important as the content that your ad sits next to can greatly affect how it’s perceived. Not only this, but studies show that ads shown in premium environments produce greater levels of engagement and long-term memory encoding amongst consumers compared to ads on other sites.

“Draw a line” was distributed at scale across our Verified Marketplace which is an exclusive place to collectively buy desktop and mobile outstream video inventory on The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun. It guarantees quality content and environments for advertisers with a potential audience of over 39.4 million unique users.

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In 2018, Unruly launched a pro bono charity ad campaign in Sweden to help The Red Cross, the global charity dedicated to supporting communities around the world when crisis strikes.

The ad campaign was designed to generate awareness among donors, increase support of humanitarian causes and compassionate values. The charity also wanted the campaign to generate new leads to grow future donations. 

Harnessing the power of emotional data

The Red Cross partnered with Unruly to harness the power of emotional data and targeting, to ensure the ad campaign was as effective as it could be.

The charity produced three videos which evoked emotions of sadness, pride and warm-heartedness. Audiences also said they felt informed when watching the videos.

Red Cross charity ad campaign

The intended audience was urbanites aged 25 and over. In order to reach this audience, the brand used Unruly’s proprietary targeting tool UnrulyEQ to test the videos and find the most engaged audience (bullseye group) to target and increase the core key performance indicators.

The ad was then targeted at the bullseye audiences and distributed at scale across our Premium Publisher Network. The video players were customised with bespoke brand bars and sharing buttons to boost brand recall and interactions.

Smashing the campaign results

The results were extraordinary. The campaign delivered an amazing 279,769 full completed video views!

What’s more, with the use of the custom audience targeting (building the audience with the most intense emotional response to the video) the campaign achieved an extra 90,000 completed views. The UnrulyEQ Customer Audience targeting video also achieved an uplift click-through rate of more than 28% and more than 10% uplift in average time spent with the video.

The campaign over delivered by of 3%, which resulted in 7,042 views in added media value and brand awareness. The total completion rate for both films was 51.25% which is a great result in comparison to our benchmark. Viewability scored 73.30%, beating MOATs industry benchmark in Sweden of 59.3%. The campaign delivered a total of 3,246 hours spent with the brand!

Red Cross charity ad campaign

The Red Cross was extremely impressed with the results which hit all of its campaign objectives and smashed expectations!

“Unruly was quick to understand the needs of our charity ad campaign. Through both analysis and optimisation, Unruly contributed to an increase in engagement and distribution of Red Cross material. The Unruly custom analysis and the emotional data targeting generated increased donations to the Red Cross. This was valuable in helping us hit specific campaign goals and in generating insights which will help to inform our future communication strategy.”

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Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices. With integrated solutions across four key areas; telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services.

Unruly started working with Huawei on global video campaigns in 2015. Since then, 19 campaigns have been distributed across 10 markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

The power of environment

UnrulyX helped Huawei to grow its brand, and ensure it communicated the right messages to the right audience, by delivering more than 15 million views to high profile premium publishers and brand safe environments.

At Unruly, we know that the environment of an ad is extremely important. The content that your ad sits next to can greatly affect how it’s perceived. Studies prove that ads delivered in premium environments produce greater levels of engagement and long-term memory encoding among consumers, compared to ads on other sites.

Harnessing the power of emotional data and targeting

In 2018 Huawei launched ‘The All New Huawei P20’ campaign in Singapore, and created a number of ads which evoked the emotions of amazement and inspiration.

Huawei’s campaign aimed to encourage engagement and drive completion rates of its video within a niche audience. To achieve this, it partnered with Unruly to harness the power of emotional data and targeting.

UnrulyX private marketplaces seeded the ad in premium, contextually relevant sites. UnrulyX private marketplaces are made up of groups of premium publishers which resonate with a campaign’s target audience.

A 30-second version of the Huawei’s P20 ad was distributed at scale across Unruly’s Premium Publisher Network.

Outstanding results

The campaign delivered an outstanding 1,266,864 full completed views of the 30-second video.

The completion rate was 71% exceeding our benchmark of 55.46%.

The MOAT viewability rate was 75%, which was well above the benchmark of 58.8%.

15,384 viewers interacted with the ad, and there 11,592 clicked through to the website.

Jan Harling, Global Media Investment Director at Huawei had this to say about our partnership:‘Unruly has been a strategic partner we have cooperated with on various campaigns on a global level. They are not only extremely proactive and supportive to deliver more than just views, but also offer support and creative advice that helps to elevate our efforts to the next level.’ 

Check out the UnrulyX and Huawei video case study.

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Check out our other case studies.