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Predict the shareability of your ad

Unruly ShareRank™ allows advertisers to maximize the social impact of their video content by evaluating, improving and predicting the viral potential of video ads. The Unruly ShareRank algorithm is trained using more than 150,000 viewer reactions to videos and sharing data relating to 521 billion video views.

Unruly ShareRank identifies which parts of the video influence sharing behaviors – and why – so that brands can:

  • Improve the shareability of existing content to drive online conversation & advocacy
  • Plan distribution strategy to maximize sharing and account for earned media
  • Plan content strategy to make future content more shareable with specific markets & target audiences

The global platform for social video advertising

Unruly Activate™ is a programmatic video platform that enables advertisers to get their videos watched, tracked and shared across the Open Web – at massive scale, with the utmost safety and at the speed of social.

Unruly Activate automatically transcodes your video assets into a range of VAST and VPAID compatible video and rich media ad formats for display via both Flash and HTML5, across a leading-edge range of In-Feed, In-Stream and In-Page placements. The platform works seamlessly across multiple operating systems on the broadest possible range of desktop, mobile and tablet devices, with optimization and reporting across 100+ metrics and Dynamic Creative Optimization for multi-video campaigns.

User-initiated format to engage the Open Web

Unruly’s interactive in-page player ensures your content looks epic and maximizes viewer engagement.  With over 20 interactive apps, we’ll help you smash your campaign goals, whether that’s video shares, data capture or product sales.

Our In-Page format is click-to-play and is sold on a cost per engagement basis where viewability is 100%. Advertisers can increase sharing, brand advocacy and drive earned media. Viewability and brand uplift guaranteed!

The most shareable pre-roll format on the planet

Unruly’s In-Stream skippable pre-roll format delivers cost-efficient reach at speed and scale . Prominent branding, always-on sharing and programmatic real-time targeting ensure you hit the right audience to maximize viral potential and campaign impact.

The format is fully integrated with Unruly Activate’s programmatic insight engine for real-time optimization and reporting, and with Unruly Activate’s brand safety and anti-fraud systems. 

Native ads for the Open Web

Unruly’s market-leading format delivers programmatic native video distribution with a mobile-first approach. With viewability guaranteed, our newsfeed ads for the Open Web will reach your audience wherever they’re watching and sharing video. Unruly’s In-Feed format offers seamless support for mobile, tablet and desktop devices using HTML5 video playback. The format is fully integrated with Unruly Activate’s programmatic insight engine for real-time optimization and reporting, and with Unruly Activate’s brand safety and anti-fraud systems. It supports pixel-based tracking from all major 3rd party tracking systems, such as Adtech, Atlas, Doubleclick, Flashtalking, Innovid and MediaMind.

Our In-Feed format is also available via UnrulyX, the industry’s first programmatic video platform to transact on viewable impressions. The connection of UnrulyX to leading DSPs means that Unruly’s viewable video inventory can now be bought programmatically by all major agency trading desks.

Real-time insight into social video performance

Do you want to know how your brand’s video content measures up against the competition? How many shares, comments and views your videos have attracted across Facebook, Twitter and the social web? Benchmark your performance against any competitors within seconds and get an instant overview of how your share of voice is trending over time?

With Unruly’s real-time, cloud-based dashboard, you can access 6 billion customizable data points and benchmark your brand’s performance against your chosen competitive set and the top global 3,100 brands.

World's largest video sharing database

We built and launched the Unruly Viral Video Chart™ in 2006. Ranking videos by number of shares rather than views, the chart quickly established itself as the definitive source for video sharing data around the globe. Will.I.Am described the Unruly Viral Video Chart as “the billboard hot 100 of the Internet generation”

The Unruly Viral Video Chart is the largest historical data set of sharing behavior on the social web, with 521 billion views tracked to date and 24 million video shares tracked every 24 hours.

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